Angel Convertible Choker Necklace, Adjustable Necklace in Rose Gold-tone Blush Silver
Model is wearing the Angel Convertible Choker Necklace paired with Angel Wings Ring and Heart band Edition 1 Rings  in rose-gold toned blush silver

Angel Convertible Choker Necklace

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Enchanting and mysterious, our Angel Convertible Choker Necklace features an abstracted angel design framed by swirling wings and filigree bead drops. This versatile, convertible necklace from our Angel Collection can be worn close to the neck in a choker style or adjusted to a longer pendant length. It's the perfect necklace to express your individuality for special occasions - or just because.

Filienna jewelry is made from our proprietary Filienna blush silver alloy – a blend of precious silver and other metals such as copper. The exquisite rose gold tone you see in our collections is the natural color of this beautiful silver-blended metal from the inside out; it is not a plating or surface treatment.

Filienna jewelry is:

  • nickel free
  • cadmium free
  • lead free